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College Cork 1996
Elsinore 1997
DMI 1998
Thyboron 1999
Mariager 1999
DMI 1999
DHI 2001
DHI video 2001
Japan sea 2002
Japan sea rep.
Jp basin Video
Jp basin pictures 





The principle of the WavePlane has been tested many times:

The first official testing was conducted at University College Cork 1996, Ireland

Then in August 1997 a test of a new model was conducted at the Danish Technical University in Elsinore 

In February 1998 the A test in DMI (Danish Maritime Institute)  (1:20)

Test of oxygenation in Thyboron Havn February 1999 (1:1 Oxygen WavePlane)
See the pictures

Launch of oxygenation WavePlane in Mariager Fjord April 1999 
(1:1 Oxygen WavePlane)
See the pictures

Test in Danish Maritime Institute (DMI) October 1999
See the Video   

The Multi-WavePlane was tested at DHI 28-30 September 2001
See the rapport             See video

The WavePlane are being tested in Japan by NKK from September 2002 to April 2003. 

First in basin:
See the videos      See the pictures    See the report  

Then in
the sea: 
See the pictures.